FCSS Endowment Grant Funding Criteria

1. Must be a member of FCSS for a minimum of 2 years. (Membership information can be found through the membership link at www.fcss.org.)

2. Application is clearly related to the goals and objectives of social studies as stated in the Endowment Board's Beliefs.

3. Application shows evidence of creativity and critical thinking.

4. Application includes a product, which can be used by other social studies educators (e.g. an article for a FCSS publication, a conference presentation, or teacher made lesson plans that can be placed as a resource on www.fcss.org).

5. Application demonstrates a careful use of funds, does not exceed $1,500, and is cost effective.

6. Applications for mini-grants focus on teacher developed materials. NOTE: Commercially made materials will not be funded, including equipment.

7. Applicant has evidence of support from local school Principal or immediate Supervisor. Application indicates agent/bookkeeper receiving and disbursing funds.