Dr. Theron Trimble Teacher of the Year Award


Melissa Kane (right) receives the Dr. Theron Trimble Florida Teacher of the Year

Award from FCSS President Cherie Arnette (left).


                             Lindsey Smoot (right), receives the Dr. Theron Trimble Florida Teacher of the Year

                                                    Award from FCSS President Cherie Arnette (left).


                            Stewart Parker, receives the Dr. Theron Trimble Teacher of the Year Award

                                                 from FCSS President Cherie Arnette (left).



To recognize exceptional social studies teachers in Elementary (K-5), Middle (6-8), or High (9-12) Schools, and to encourage participation in the National Council for the Social Studies Teacher of the Year program.

Award in each category

Cash Prize, Commemorative Gift, Annual Conference Session Presentation, Complimentary one-year membership in FCSS.


Nominee must be a former or current district-nominated FCSS Teacher of the Year, and a current member of FCSS.  Nominee may apply in only one category (teaching social studies regularly and systematically in elementary settings, and at least half time in middle/junior high and high school settings).  Self-nominations will be accepted. Winners will be encouraged to complete the additional requirements to compete at the national level. Nominee must demonstrate at least four of the six categories listed below:

  1. Develops or uses instructional materials creatively and effectively.
  2. Incorporates innovative and verified instructional strategies and techniques.
  3. Utilizes the interrelated themes of culture, time, continuity, and change; people, places, and environment; individual development and identity; individuals, groups, and institutions; power, authority, and governance; production, distribution, and consumption; science, technology, and society; global connections; and civic ideals and practices.
  4. Fosters a spirit of inquiry and skills related to acquiring, organizing, and processing.
  5. Fosters the development of democratic beliefs and values.
  6. Shows evidence of professional involvement in activities such as workshops, curriculum development, committees, etc.

All applications must be sutmitted electronically. No paper applications will be considered. The decision of the selection committee are final. 

Submissions Due: July 1, 2017

Apply Here

For more information, please contact:
                Kassie Erenstoft, Awards Co-Chair  kassieerenstoft@fcss.org
                 Chris Spinale, Awards Co-Chair   chrisspinale@fcss.org