Excellence in Teaching History Award

Sponsored by Pearson Education


Dylana Robertson (center), accepts the Excellence in Teaching History Award from Brad Buelow (right) from Pearson Education and FCSS President Cherie Arnette (left).



The purpose of this award, sponsored by Pearson Education, is to recognize and celebrate a Florida teacher of history who encourages an appreciation and respect for the discipline of history, involves students in the historical process, and exhibits mastery of the subject matter.


The applicant must currently be teaching history in a Florida elementary, middle, or high school. The winner must be available to attend both the annual conference and awards celebration.


Cash prize, free annual conference registration, and publication of lesson plan in Trends and Issues. Please note the winner is expected to attend the conference and the awards celebration to receive the cash prize. 

All applications must be sutmitted electronically. No paper applications will be considered. The decision of the selection committee are final. 

Submissions Due: July 1, 2017




For more information, please contact:
                Kassie Erenstoft, Awards Co-Chair  kassieerenstoft@fcss.org
                 Chris Spinale, Awards Co-Chair   chrisspinale@fcss.org